They realize that your capital will not increase in the savings account in the long term. Therefore, you want to enter the stock market trading. Shares and other financial instruments promise high profits, if one hires it right. For years, the trading eToro is possible on the stock exchange for private investors. Thanks to the Internet, there is access to all markets. In addition, many brokers offer in addition to the directly OTC. As the future depositors ask yourself, you should invest in stocks or trading stocks?

The most important thing for you at a glance

  • Direct trading on the exchange possible for private investors
  • Share purchase additionally directly OTC
  • will share as medium to long-term investment
  • Assessment of the company more important than price
  • Traders are price focused primarily

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  •  1. Difference Investor & Trader: investment horizon key criterion
  •  2. in stocks What’s invest?
  •  3. What investment method is suitable for you
  •  4. Conclusion: Investor shares are long-term view


With equities investment or trading (trade) you can achieve small or large profits on financial markets. There are two different methods, the details you should know exactly. When it comes to investments, to achieve over a long period profits by buying stocks, bonds, mutual funds Plus500 or other financial instruments. A share investor multiplied these gains by reinvested profits in stocks or funds.

Invested capital is held over a longer period of at least five years. In some cases, investors act by buying stocks and principle or not to sell after several decades . Even with long bonds are investments (buy-and-hold investment) possible for terms of up to 30 years are not uncommon. During this time investors generate additional income through various payments in the form of dividends, stock splits IQ Option or interest in addition to general increases in value.

The difference to traders

OTC Direct trade – an alternative to trading on the Exchange

The stock market is a two way street. Regularly, the financial markets move in difficult times. Investors expect rising prices and to offset possible losses again. You sit in this negative market environment. As a share investor, you place great emphasis on market factors such as price-earnings ratio. Short-term negative price trends They accept with serenity.

To trading or trading include recurring buying and selling stocks, bonds, commodities, foreign exchange, CFDs or other instruments.

A trader pursued as a target much higher profit margins than with pure buy-and-hold investments. Many shares Investor is pleased with an annual return of its capital from 10 to 15 percent. The stock trader wants to achieve an increase of 10 percent or more monthly.

For the trader, such a high profit claim means that he, for example, constantly buying shares at low prices and sold at higher prices. As a trader, you can also benefit from so-called short selling of falling markets or falling prices

While you as a buy-and-hold investor ignore turbulent financial markets, you Ethereum Code need to react quickly as a trader on the exchange rate. Stop-Loss offer it the opportunity to sell securities automatically when reaching a lower limit.

Traders are divided depending on the holding period into several categories.

  • Who holds its investments for several months or years, is a position trader.
  • Who sells plants after a few days or weeks, is a swing trader.
  • A day trader is someone who handles the buying and selling of financial instruments within a day.
  • Scalp traders hold investments only a few seconds or minutes.

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Investors and traders alike are looking to profit in financial markets. Investors are characterized by the fact that they want to hold investments over a longer period and thus profits. For sellers of short-term profit is the focus to be as constant as possible realized by the constant buying and selling of financial instruments. In this day and age of ever changing financial markets, it may be useful if you are for example a position trader investor and parts.


Although much money is earned shares on the exchange, but not rare success remains off. Affected then wonder why you succeed so little. Why does it create other investors rich from stock trading to be? Incorrect share, bad timing, got out too early or too late … always the same. One of the stock market guru A. Kostolany given to the best sayings is: “Buy stocks and lie down then sleep long.” The catch is: The Guru called neither to be purchased shares nor the brand of long-acting sleeping pill. The latter would be well not to fall in initial losses in the encountered many investors panic.

Bitcoin Code – Legit or not

The Facebook page “Busynews2472” is no longer available, nor is the video published by this site. Since the associated web page is no longer online, I am assuming that the website operator himself has taken the Facebook page and the associated web page offline. Can be found here (A screenshot of the fake news site, the video I uploaded for documentation purposes temporarily into Facebook, the alternative item that was displayed after twice loading the web page is available Bitcoin Code here. Last year I did an article on testbericht.de shown, that on the majority of the 100 were me find ads for fraudulent fake news sites of investigated news sites (see also “Programmatic Advertising” – the back door for fakes – 100 German news portals in the test). Often the alleged news sites operating under the fancy name, but sometimes the logos real media brands have been abused, such as by “today” (ZDF) or “world”. On the pages of fake reporters were often listed images were simply stolen from the network, but partly also had to serve celebrities such as Robert Geiss.

After the test had on many of the studied news sites a lot done (though sometimes only after repeated instructions from me), continue to be me but always negative examples come under especially on other websites. The latest negative example is this video of the Facebook page “BusyNews2472”.

Next Celebrity Victims: Frank Thelen

The video is a brazen forgery and was from an interview with Frank Thelen (known from the VOX show “The cave lion) of” Euro Forum Germany “in the” 3. Handelsblatt Annual Conference Digital Energy 2017 cut together. ” In the video advertising subtitle display for a Bitcoin system: “Earn millions of Bitcoin,” “The Best Investment of the Year”, “Bitcoin is the money of the future”, “We make a lot Bitcoin Code of money with Bitcoin”. It will create the impression that Frank Thelens statements would refer to a Bitcoin-Invest. The end of the video even a fake screenshot of an alleged Twitter post by Frank Thelen and an alleged recommendation was mounted into it (HLLT seemingly on the side, accompanied by a picture)

If the user clicks then on the link that appears at the end of the video, he is redirected to a fake news site, busynews247.info/a00208-schwarz-de.

Fake news site busynews247.info

On this fake news site is then alleged that Frank Thelen had invested in a software with which you could earn money easily with Bitcoin:

“Frank Thelen has invested € 500,000 in a revolutionary new software. This software gives everyone the chance to earn thousands of euros a day from home. And thanks to the power of crypto currencies! “

“The software gives you to be your own boss access to the crypto economy and the possibility. Literally anyone can take advantage of it and earn thousands of euros from home. “

“Herbert Schmitt, father of two girls, was skeptical about Frank Thelens software at the beginning. But as it turned out, it was “the best decision of his life.”

On the page is not advertised for a software that has invested in the Frank Thelen. A banner on the side above suggests that here for The Bitcoin code (thebitcoincode.de / thebitcoincode.com) was advertised, a fraudulent advertising page for rogue “Binary Options” platform option888.com. Exactly can no longer understand this since the link to the banners and other buttons on the side leads into the void. On the side htb an error message is displayed. Either a momentary mistake or you are already “moved on” to other pages.

thebitcoincode.de and option888.com

The link to trackteer.com/ will be but probably only been a redirect link, the goal presumably the thebitcoincode.de / com or another page with the same presentation page. Here, the user is fooled that you can earn a day with the advertised “software” and the investment in Bitcoins thousands of euros. But if the user logs on, it is clear that is not advertised for investments in Bitcoins, but for the dubious side optionen888.com.

The Consumer Baden-Wuerttemberg reported warning ESMA and the BaFin prior to binary options and reports of consumer complaints against option888.com, I can warn even haunting. On many platforms for “Binary Options” is not traded in securities, but only offered a gamble. there you do not buy Bitcoin, but betting only to money on the falling or sinking of courses. But it is not about verifiable rates of exchanges, but the provider itself makes the courses on “Basis of real classes.” Exactly how the courses Bitcoin Code are made, it is known as a “customer” however. That sounds like a bad joke, but it’s reality.

Anonymous operators – advertising platforms make it easy for fraudsters

Who runs this site, of course, can not figure out easily. Basically, there is such operators of the advertising platforms, here Facebook, done much too easy to go undetected. This footage was advertising, according to a Facebook user who called my attention to only on the english website the video switched to Facebook. In Facebook there are, as with many advertising platforms, no effective identity verification, advertising on Facebook in Germany can be switched anonymous. All you need is a means of payment, but again, it is now no problem to stay at least at first glance undetected.

The information on the site are of course fake. On the side, you will first clicks the user with an imprint of a company from “British Anguilla” is displayed, the “adb limited” in the footer of the page, the “Virgin Trade LLC” from the US.

If you reload the page with the fake report twice, this article will disappear and at the same web address of other items will be displayed at once, “Frank Thelen looks black for Germany”. The imprint there the Gold Media GmbH is listed in the Münchner Straße 42 80809 Munich. It but neither are as the alleged Managing Director Dr. Harry Klein.

In my experience, it makes it far too easy for the advertising platforms, it makes Facebook much too easy to cheat the own user. Failure to check the identity, failure to examine the business information, failure to check the contents. Fraudulent advertising with celebrities on Facebook? No problem. Because testing would cost money and money means less return. In 2017, Facebook regulates the number and size of text on advertisements (automated testable), one with a celebrity but slips easily in the automated area at least for professionals quite easy to be detected fraudulent advertising by. 190,000 users already had seen the video last night, at present there are 202,000 users.


There are still fraudulent advertisements for fraudulent fake news sites are not uncommon. The system of automated ad placement is simple abused by fraudsters useful because there are no effective identity checks and no verification of advertising media more. For the benefit of the platforms that do not have to look away because they do not even look. To the detriment of consumers who fall for such scams because they do not accept that such fraudulent advertising is possible with a fake testimonial from a celebrity investor in Facebook.

If there were not even the lawmakers asked the advertising platforms that publishers that publishers are advertised on their websites such fraudulent pages to take their duty? Otherwise, continue simply not looking at fraudulent advertising and innocently expressed that they would block any rogue page upon notification. That that does not work when the sides simply run out of new accounts with other Fake “identity” among other Web address, marketers, publishers and advertising platforms should be obvious.

Demand but also the victims of such fraudsters who should report when they have fallen for such sites, but also the “victim” whose images are abused are, in this case, for example, Frank Thelen. Perhaps Mr. Thelen could indeed call times on Facebook Germany and ask whoever advertises his image. And maybe Mr. Thelen could indeed use his notoriety for it to warn of the binary fraudsters.